Janet Vickers

Janet Vickers was born in the UK, came to Canada in 1965 and became Canadian by the love and friendship of other Canadians. She married in 1969 and celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary to her husband Tony, last year. They have three children, three in-laws, one grand-dog and four grandchildren. Her books include Impermanence (2012), Infinite Power (2016) and Sleep With Me: Lullaby for an Anxious Planet (2020) published by Ekstasis Editions.

She came to Gabriola in 2008 with Tony and rented a home for 5 months to see if we could settle here. Loved it then purchased a house in 2010. Tony and I loved the friendliness and the community driven programmes. Nature, neighbours and the arts are what rejuvenated their minds and hearts as they live their twilight years.

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