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Financial Aid Opportunities

LEAP Financial Aid

L.E.A.P. (Leisure Economic Access Policy), Kidsport, Jumpstart, Federal Tax Credits and Grade 5/Grade 6 Active Living Card and Active Passes are all programs dedicated to help you and your family get out there and take part in community recreation programs. To find out more about any of these programs click here.


LEAP Financial Aid

Have you heard about F.E.T.C.H.? The initials stand for "For Everything That's Community Health". It's a website where you can learn about all the services on Gabriola Island that support community health and wellness! Please visit their site here to learn what resources there are currently on the island to meet yours and your family's needs: www.gabriola.fetchbc.ca

Program Proposals & Instructors Wanted

Program proposals and instructors

The Gabriola Recreation Society is always looking for instructors to teach and lead recreational programs. We are looking for qualified, experienced instructors.

We co-ordinate 3 program sessions/year: Winter/Summer/Fall. Programs vary - they can be one-time workshops; a short series of classes; summer camps for kids; or ongoing, weekly classes that can span from 4 weeks to the entire year.

When you have a complete program proposal, please fill in the form and submit it to our office. Contact the office if you any questions.

Proposals can be submitted anytime. However, to fit with our planning schedule, we recommend you submit it 3-6 months in advance of the start of a program session.*

Program Proposal Form