Constitution & Bylaws: Special Resolution

Whereas the Gabriola Recreation Society (the “Society”) is now governed by the Societies Act ([SBC 2015] CHAPTER 18), which supersedes the Society Act [RSBC 1996] c. 433 [Repealed];

And whereas the Society is thereby obliged to conform to the new Act and Regulation:

Be it resolved that the Society elects to alter its Bylaws in the following manner:

  1. That a Part entitled “Operation” be appended to the Bylaws, to accommodate those Bylaws no longer permitted in the Society’s Constitution
  2. That “section 6(1)” be replaced by “Section 11” in the Bylaws preamble;
  3. That Bylaws 11 and 12 be deleted;
  4. That “an extraordinary general meeting” be replaced by “a general meeting” in Bylaw 13;
  5. That the phrase “(including extraordinary general meetings)” be removed from Bylaw 14;
  6. That “section 60” be replaced by “Section 77” in Bylaw 14(1);
  7. That the word “Additionally” in Bylaw 14(2) be replaced with the phrase: “In addition,”
  8. That Clause (1) of Bylaw 16 be deleted;
  9. That Bylaw 22(3) be altered to read “In case of an equality of votes the Chair shall have a casting or second vote.”;
  10. That Bylaw 24 be deleted;
  11. That “9” be replaced by “5” in Bylaw 25;
  12. That the sentence “At subsequent annual meetings directors shall be elected for a two-year term unless the director is being elected to replace a director who has resigned before the completion of his term in which case the director shall be elected to complete the term of the resigning director.” be removed from Bylaw 26;
  13. That Bylaw 28(2) be duplicated in Bylaw 29;
  14. That Bylaw 35 be deleted;
  15. That Bylaw 37(1) be altered to read “The directors may delegate any, but not all, of their powers to committees consisting of director(s) and/or member(s) as they think fit.”
  16. That the phrase “…the powers so delegated shall confirm…” in Bylaw 37(2) be altered to “…the powers so delegated shall conform…”;
  17. That Bylaw 38 be altered to read “A committee shall elect from amongst its members a person to chair its meetings; but if no chair is elected, or if at a meeting the Chair is not present within 30 minutes after the time appointed for holding the meeting, those present who are members of the committee shall choose one of their number to chair the meeting.”;
  18. That Bylaw 40 be deleted;
  19. That Bylaw 42(2) be altered to read “In case of an equality of votes the Chair does has a second or casting vote.”;
  20. That “9” be replaced by “5” in Bylaw 49(2);
  21. That all instances of the phrase “Society Act” be replaced by “Societies Act”;
  22. That instances of “chairman” be replaced by “the Chair” or “chair” as the context requires;
  23. That all instances of “him” or “her” or “his” or “hers” or similar exclusive language be altered to use an inclusive pronoun;
  24. That all Bylaws are renumbered so that they are sequential.

PROPOSER:  Dr. Paul Metcalfe P.Geo.



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